Furniture hoist and window jobs

There are occasions where no matter how hard you try a bulky item just won’t go in the lift or up the stairs and may have to be brought in or out via a window, roof terrace or balcony.

This may be a matter of  removing a sash window where entry for that awkward sofa or large painting can be achieved with rope and ladder, whilst higher windows or heavier items require a furniture hoist or a crane.

We are able to offer a variety of lifting and hoisting solutions and are happy to advise on the most appropriate way of getting the job done safely and cost effectively.

Window Crane


A highly portable and adaptable lifting system.

Lifting capacity 100kg
Lifting height max. 10 m
Lifting speed 1m/min

Demountable Furniture Hoist 


Lifting capacity 200 kg
Lifting height max. 10 m
Lifting speed 20 m/min

The track sections and winch are assembled on site  allowing the equipment to be positioned in conditions where access is unsuitable for a vehicle mounted hoist such as from a garden or internal courtyard.

Vehicle Mounted Furniture Hoist


Lifting capacity 300kg
Lifting height max. 30 m
Lifting speed 30 m/min

This equipment can be in position and set up in a few minutes and allows for highly efficient lifting of heavier and bulky items.

Lorry Mounted Crane HIAB


IMG_002225 metre reach

Heavier lifting and self loading.

In the hands of a skilled operator this equipment is capable of lifting almost anything* and accurately placing it in position.

Careful Fred Easy Does ithiab03hiab02

Could you just put it over there please?

Lifting capacity 10000kg*
Reach 20 m
Lifting speed 10 m/min



*There are of course limits and capacity varies with length of reach applied.