Our Vehicles

Our vehicles are modern, clean and fully equipped for professional transport work.

Drivers carry hand tools, transit blankets, straps and extra packing materials.

Pallet truck, piano trolley, powered stair climber, genie lift, window tackle, ladder hoist and mobile external furniture lift all available for hire.

vehicle type 7.5 tonne tail lift lorry
3.5 tonne high volume/Luton Van Transit van
internal length 6 metres

20 feet

4 metres

12 feet

2.5 metres

8 feet

volume 28 cubic metres

1000 cubic feet

14 cubic metres

600 cubic feet

7 cubic metres

250 cubic feet

payload 2800kg

6000 lbs

55 cwt


2200 lbs

24 cwt


1650 lbs

15 cwt

Furniture hoist, hiabs, lorry mounted cranes and specialist haulage vehicles are also available. Please call for details.

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